E-commerce Soloutions

Lucrative e-commerce Shop Design for an evolving marketplace.

What type of security or firewall will keep your business protected? How do you deliver enterprise solutions over the Internet? What does it take to build a profitable and sustainable e-commerce website? We’ve answered these questions for thousands of businesses, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Featherstone Advertising brings passion and experience to the table. Here’s what we offer in a typical e-commerce package:

  • Development of a shopping cart, PayPal integration, reservation system, or other custom e-commerce application.
  • 1 year of hosting, quality assurance and testing.
  • An SEO-friendly platform that’s developed with search optimisation in mind
    Payment gateway configuration.
  • One-on-one training with an e-commerce professional.
  • Additional options for professional site design, product imports, manual product entry, third party software integration, custom coding, troubleshooting and consultation

Reliable E-Commerce Hosting

When your network goes down, your business profits grind to an expensive halt. E-commerce requires rock-solid reliability.

Your business requires flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs and market opportunities on the Internet. With Featherstone Advertising’s e-commerce platform, you can rest assured that your website has a solution in place to accommodate an evolving marketplace.

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