Email Marketing

Featherstone Advertising are an email marketing company based in East Surrey. Even though many of us subscribe to newsletters galore and our email boxes are overflowing, email marketing remains a targeted communication channel with rich content that can help a business foster existing relationships with an audience that has already expressed interest.

Some marketers argue that email marketing campaigns are the most focused and effective way to reach an audience – as many consumers use email as their primary form of communication.

Build an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can strengthen customer loyalty by providing relevant, informative, and exclusive content to your brand believers. Email marketing campaigns can:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Offer exclusive promotions to your audience
  • Distribute unique messages to segmented audiences
  • Be measured in opens, clicks, shares, and more
  • Boost customer retention and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Reach your audience directly in their inbox and provide a way for them to easily forward it to a friend.
  • Provide additional touch-points with people who have already expressed interest in your brand

No Contact List?

If you think you don’t have a contact list, respectfully, we think you’re mistaken! Even if you are a brand new business, chances are you have family and friends, your business’ first supporters, who would be thrilled to hear updates on how your business is growing. Or, maybe your business grew so fast, you missed collecting customer email addresses in the process. Don’t fret! We can work with you to create a strategy for building relationships and a contact list including prospects, partners, and customers who all provide you with permission to send them emails about your business.

We’ll also help you develop strategies to grow your list like providing a way for your website visitors to join your mailing list with a few clicks and through other channels like in-store materials and social media. And, hey, at a minimum, our team  will be thrilled to be your first list of supporters who will be excited to receive your emails and pass the word along.

Manage Everything from Your Inbox

Featherstone Advertising can evaluate your current email marketing campaign and contact list, or help you develop a results-driven and engaging one. We will help you identify goals like distributing coupons to first time customers to inspire repeat purchases or distributing company news to keep your audience up to date on a new product, location, or menu. We’ll help you organise and develop a segmented contact list if appropriate to make sure the right messages get to the right people. And, we’ll develop a branded email template with a sharp design and track the results of the email campaign to optimise future emails.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Focus

Email marketing is a unique marketing channel because it can integrate many other aspects of a company’s marketing, such as social media, PR, event marketing, sales, and content marketing. For example, an email campaign could drive a business’ audience to connect on social media channels, showcase a recent blog post (driving website traffic), and feature a new product or service all at once. FSM will work with you to determine an email marketing strategy factoring in timing of campaigns, which content to feature for which audience, and review results to optimise future campaigns for maximum clicks, shares, sales, and website traffic.

Business to Business (B2B) Focus

If your customers are other businesses, email marketing may be one of the strongest channels for staying connected with them. It’s a professional communication channel that can be used to directly reach several people in their organisation (like company leadership and on-the-ground employees). Email newsletters can also be a great way to showcase your latest company news, share information about new products or services, and even provide an opportunity to feature or highlight your clients to give them exposure to your contact list. We can help you create an effective email marketing plan depending on your industry and your client list to attract more business clients and retain them.

Retail and E-commerce Focus

For retail and e-commerce businesses, email marketing can be a quick and creative way to debut your newest products, offer promotions leading to your physical or online store, and measure your audience’s interaction with your messages to plan and evaluate your sales strategy. Email marketing campaigns can be a positive way to reward your loyal customers with a coupon or code that only they can use to get a discount on a future purchase. Then, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign and impact on sales as a direct result of the email campaign. Featherstone Advertising can help you evaluate your product line, seasonal calendar, and audience segments to develop a results-driven email marketing program that can drive website traffic, increase sales, and perpetuate loyalty.